Comtron Systems, Inc. is a leader in the Fire Alarm industry in the Coachella Valley.  With Fire Life Safety Certified Technicians - Comtron Systems, Inc. can accommodate any commercial fire alarm needs. Having been in the Coachella Valley for over 25 years, Comtron Systems, Inc. continually strives to provide the very best and latest in fire alarm technology. 

Now with AES Intellinet Radios approved by the California State Fire Marshall as a secure and dependable form of communication fire alarm systems can be monitored without costly dedicated fire phone lines. The AES Intellinet Radio works off a mesh network that is one of the most secure and reliable communication networks available.  AES Intellinet Radios can communicate on average 30 to 60 seconds faster then a phone line can which can greatly reduce the devastation of a fire at your commercial property.

When building a commercial building it is always important to work with a company that knows in areas local fire codes and fire marshalls.  Comtron Systems, Inc. having been in the Coachella Valley for over 25 years has an in-depth knowledge of the local fire codes and a good working relationship with local fire officials that can help take any unknown out of the building of a commercial building. 

If you currently have a commercial building and are looking for a local and reliable company to monitor, maintain and annually test your fire alarm system contact Comtron Systems, Inc at: 760-776-8811.  If you are going to be building a commercial building and are looking for a reliable company to help assist you through the fire alarm installation and approval call Comtron Systems, Inc. at: 760-776-8811. 

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