Comtron Systems, Inc. proud to offer Total Connect brought to you through Honeywell the trusted leader in security technology.Total Connect is exactly that, you can totally access your security alarm system from any computer or smart phone, giving you complete control and peace of mind.  With Total Connect you can customize settings to receive alerts when your system is armed, disarmed or instant notification of alarm activations at your home or business. 

With Total Connect installed in your Comtron Systems, Inc. system you can also install cameras for instant alarm verification, which can help ensure prompt response from law enforcement. With wireless interior and exterior cameras that can be installed and connected through your Comtron Systems, Inc. alarm system you can exactly what occurs as it happens.Total Connect gives you the ability to check up on kids, baby sitters, pets, housekeepers, contractors and more all with a touch of your computer or smart phone.

If you are interested in more information on exactly how Total Connect can simplify your home or business security needs please contact Comtron Systems, Inc. at 760-776-8811.

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